Saturday, 29 July 2017

17th blog post

Hi guys welcome back to my blogs today I am going to tell you about my fantasy land holidays. In my holidays I did heaps of cool things but my most favourite parts of the holidays. Was the second week on Friday. On that Friday my dad dropt Sam, me and Lucas off at our mums house. When we got there my mum had a shower and got ready, and then we went out the door  mum drove to Napier and got the tickets for Pete's dragon after we got the tickets for Pete's dragon for 10.30 we went to Ocean spa's for .At Ocean spa's I went in the cold pool and when I put my head under the cold pool I could hear buzzing sounds the cold pool was 3.52 m deep. I also went in the hotest spa pool that is 1.36m deep. In the normal spa pools there I practiced my backstroke, butterfly and freestyle. After we stayed at Ocean spas for two hours.  We had thirty minutes to get out get dressed and get lunch. For lunch we had Mc donalds from Mc donalds I had a big mac medium combo and a Ice-tea for the drink. At Mc donalds Sam, me, Lucas, Mason and my mum saw Ronald Mc donald and he put on a show and at the Ronald Mc donald show my little brother Mason cried because he doesn't like dressed up people he is the same as me when I was little I hated dressed up people. After we watched the show with Mason screaming we had 10 minute's to get to the movie's. When we arrived to Reading Cinema's we got out the car and line was already out the door.

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