Tuesday, 8 November 2016

16th blog post

Hi guys and welcome back to my blogger. This week on my blogger I will be sharing my PBL reflection. PBL stands for Project Based Learning. For our PBL we had to chose something related about the Olympics to learn about. I choose Artistic gymnastics. I made a slide all about Artistic gymnastics. After we did our project we had to do a reflection. The last few weeks I have enjoyed learning about artistic gymnastics and slideshows and models.
Here is my reflection.

Project Topic: Gymnastics

Photo/Screenshot of Project (insert below)

Finish these starters
  • Something I enjoyed about my project was that we got to learn h           because...

  • The most challenging thing about my project was... making the bars                because… I had to make circles and they kept breaking every time I kept trying to make them.

  • The main skill I got better at was...making the bars   I got better at it by...trying hard and unfortunately I got there.

  • Something interesting I learnt was...  That the boy’s only have six events and the girls have four events.                    

  • What I would most like to change about my project is...That the bars went crooked and they didn’t swing       because… I used cardboard instead of string.

  • I would like to do my next PBL about… Bmx because My brother is really good at it and I would like to learn heaps of facts about them.

Choose three learning muscles and explain how you used them during your PBL.
Trying to Manage my distractions when everyone kept going past it and knocking it over.

Managing distractions because everyone was knocking it over.

Create a Description of Your Project
This needs to have either video or audio. You can use any app you like. Include a link here. You will embed it as part of your Reflection PBL Blog Post.    

I movie              

20th blog post

Hi guys welcome back to my blog, today I am going to be blogging about our P.E. We have been doing a lot of things with P.E. like running games, and hoop games Mrs love takes the running game, Mrs Carr has been taking a hoop game and Mr M we haven't been to yet. I wonder if Mr M's one will be fun as well as the other ones. So I hope you enjoyed this blog bye. 
          Here is a photo of me running with Mrs Love's group.


19th blog post

Hi guy's welcome back to my blog. Today I will be blogging about my art. There are three art groups there is, Digital art, Painting and Sketching. I am in the sketching group with Mrs Carr. Mr Moriarty takes the digital art, Mrs Love takes painting and Mrs Carr takes sketching. On my art I drew a, pencil, a pencil sharpener, then a tape roll. Some scissors, a ruler, then a glue stick and a hot dog poems book. So I hope you enjoyed this blog bye.

Here is a photo:)


Thursday, 3 November 2016

19th blog post

Hi guys. Welcome back to my blog. Today I will be blogging about my literacy. I am in Mrs Love's literacy group. In our literacy group we do heaps of pieces of paper, practising an activity called cloze. Here is a sentence in one of the papers.: The Kiwi is a bird that lives in the bush. It has a very long beak. So I hope you enjoy this blog. Leave a comment down below. Bye bye.
Here is a photo


18th blog post

Welcome back to Ella's blog. Today I will be talking about maths the other day. We did three swap arounds. First swap I was on tables master on five times tables. In my 5 times tables my fastest time was 32 seconds. On the second swap around, I went to maths bowling. Maths bowling is where you have 20 little balls and in each ball there is one number. On the third swap around, I went to Mrs Love for proper maths and we did some subtraction, addition and divided bys. Each swap around we had 10 minutes for each one.

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