Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Camp Memories blog post

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog, today I am blogging about my camp memories.
So this slideshow is about pretty much everything we did at camp for a week it was fun and I didn't want to leave but also I would miss my parents a lot and even more because I all ready started missing them on the second day of camp. But I bet you everyone loved it there, as well I did.
My favourite part of camp would have to be when we went kayaking that was my favourite thing to do, and since I was scared at first I asked if Mr Cooper could go with me the first time.
We went kayaking at least four to five times in the whole of the week, but after I learn't how to paddle I told Mr Cooper " I want to try do it myself please " so Mr Cooper said "Ok".
My scariest part of camp would be the Weta's when we went caving because there was one bigger than my hand and there was a whole lot of little one's all over the top of the caves which scared me.
My favourite part of caving was when we all had to turn our torches off and you could see all the glow worms.
Hope you enjoyed my blog!