Saturday, 29 July 2017

Quick write blog post

Once upon a time there lived a lady, who lived on bananas.
One day she decided she wanted to go on a road trip, she drove 900klm from her usual home.
she was slowly driving and she started getting tired from the long trip. There was a truck on he other lane it was dark her steering wheel turned and she started turning into the other lane. kaboom suddenly she crashed into the truck, she passed out her ears were blocked. An hour later her eyes started unsealing she woke up her van was tipped over and all her banana's had fallen out on the road. She had tons and tons of banana's she fell asleep. all you could here in the backround was ambulance sirens.

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Interdependence blog post

Hi guys and welcome back to the second term of school, today I am going to show you my song that Me and Holly sung together.
On the first day back to school we had to work together in a group make a piece of art and write a song to sing we had to sing in front of the hole class.
It was fun to sing but it was nervously frustrating.

Here is the songs one is me and holly singing together and one is just me singing by myself.

Me and holly together                                                                             Me by myself

Art blog

Bonjour and welcome back to my blog and today I am blogging about my art.
This art was really really fun and awesome to do I am happy it is over because I wanted to go back t doing all my learning tasks because I really like the learning tasks on the learning log so I hope there is more art coming soon.
Hope you enjoyed my blog!!!
Here is my art


Maths blog

Kia ora, and welcome back to my blog today I am blogging about my maths task.
this maths task wasn't really a maths task it was more like learning strategies because it was just about learning strategies for high numbers and low numbers it was really really fun and easy.
the next day we got to play tables master its where you can do any times table up from 2 to 13 in times tables. But the learning strategies was really fun.
I hope you guys enjoyed my blog:):)

  • I learnt… how to do different strategies for higher numbers.
  • Something I found challenging was… understanding the hard big numbers.
  • I enjoyed… this task because I got to learn different strategies.
  • I was able to do the task because… I was focused and I listened.

Maori hand games Reflection

Maori hand games Reflection
I was feeling excited but a little nervous. I really like Maori hand games but I was a tiny bit nervous because I didn’t want people making fun of me because I didn't know how to do Knuckle bones ( Koruru ).
I enjoyed doing the string (the Maori name for the string is called Whai). I learnt how to do the cup and saucer pattern, a manu and the two diamonds.
The two diamonds was the one that challenged me a lot but I finally got it.
Next time I want to improve knuckle bones, e hipitoitoi and hei tama tu tama.
Have a look at my of me doing the two diamonds and a video of me and holly doing e hipitoitoi and hei tama tu tama.

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3rd blog post

On the weekend on Sunday my grambma  and I made a little basket and a little tiny teddy bear, the teddy bears name is berry.  Berry likes to hold her bottle in her feet It looks cute.  Berry has a white nappy with pink pokadots on it. The blanket is white with blue pokadots the pillow is white with red flowers. The basket has roses all over it heart and a bow.

17th blog post

Hi guys welcome back to my blogs today I am going to tell you about my fantasy land holidays. In my holidays I did heaps of cool things but my most favourite parts of the holidays. Was the second week on Friday. On that Friday my dad dropt Sam, me and Lucas off at our mums house. When we got there my mum had a shower and got ready, and then we went out the door  mum drove to Napier and got the tickets for Pete's dragon after we got the tickets for Pete's dragon for 10.30 we went to Ocean spa's for .At Ocean spa's I went in the cold pool and when I put my head under the cold pool I could hear buzzing sounds the cold pool was 3.52 m deep. I also went in the hotest spa pool that is 1.36m deep. In the normal spa pools there I practiced my backstroke, butterfly and freestyle. After we stayed at Ocean spas for two hours.  We had thirty minutes to get out get dressed and get lunch. For lunch we had Mc donalds from Mc donalds I had a big mac medium combo and a Ice-tea for the drink. At Mc donalds Sam, me, Lucas, Mason and my mum saw Ronald Mc donald and he put on a show and at the Ronald Mc donald show my little brother Mason cried because he doesn't like dressed up people he is the same as me when I was little I hated dressed up people. After we watched the show with Mason screaming we had 10 minute's to get to the movie's. When we arrived to Reading Cinema's we got out the car and line was already out the door.

12th blog post

He is older then 10 months. At home he has learnt to sit, shake your foot up and down, give me low, hi five, lie down, crawl and stand up on two feet for two minutes. In the car, he goes in the boot because he thinks he is cool enough to sit in the actual set. And when the windows in the car are down he jumps on top of the seat so he can get lots of air. At home he gets up to mischief because he always grabs my undies and when dad tries to get them back, Bear runs as fast as he can so dad can't catch him. Now that's my Husky!

6th blog post

Hello and welcome back to my blog I am blogging, because I am going to tell you about my teacher. My teachers name is Mrs Carr, she is nice, caring and wonderful. And she is also really good at teaching she is amazing. She also helps me a lot she is a nice and caring teacher. To say it again she is nice and she helps me with my blogging. She is really nice I hope I have her next year.

My 4th blog post 2016

2 little twins were sitting in a tree when a strange lady came along and said whats that smell and the two little girls said poo poo bum bum. The the strange lady called Stephanie replied what and the little girls called Holly and Ella screamed down the hole house but just saying the house isn't a house it is a tree.  They both went down to scream for there mum but they forgot that they didn't have a mum. So they ran out of there house and never ever came Back.  THE END