Wednesday, 27 July 2016

7th blog post

Hi and welcome back to my blog I am blogging about my learning task my favorite learning task is my writing task. My writing is when we had to do a free choice writing. I am proud of my writing because it is about the wonderful nature.

As you look into the sun all you can see all the wonderful things. A little pond full of amazing spring water as you dip your hand into the gleaming water so clear that you pick it up you won’t even see it. All you can see is the shining sun glittering on the clear spring water. It is so bright that all you can see is gleaming spring water splashing in to a pond full of shining spring water all around the little pond is a hole bunch of flowers. The water fountain is like steps but the spring water slips down like a fish swimming down a slide.The flowers look like a colourful array of fruit all all piled up like a bundle of envelopes. The flowers are all bundled up with a living organism of the kind plants. There are a colour of intermediate of the sky or sea on a sunny day. There are gleaming solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other similar planets.     

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